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Sucker Run is over,


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Follow all the action here. We are on the Saginaw River all year round.

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Southend Designs

Ed Hardy ain't got nothing on these..

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May 15th Saginaw River
Bait: Big Bait 4" Disc grub red flake

Very bright sun, hot temps and pretty clear water made it a tough start. Switched baits, retrieve, pace, depth and finally found some with really nice size.

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Bento Bait from Lunkerhunt was on fire early this spring.

It was pretty durable and work very well. It caught freah water drums, walleye, pike, and bass. I really need to get some of the sexy shad color ones. PS thanks for the stickers for the boat LunkerHunt Marketing crew.

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Famous Cell Phone Video turns 9 years old.


River Fishing and Bass C/R season opens