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Spring action is heating up - big time


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near the mouth smoked the smallies. Even got a double



5/4/10 Hit the river in the fail boat for a while hooked up with a nice 17"ers. Afew smallies and pike.


3/14/2010 River action is So-So at best after the rain and wind. Water is super dirty High/Low. Tons of boat traffic people fishing everywhere, blowin through no-wake zones - its a circus

11/19/2009 Hit the shore for a while in bay city and bagged a few. Jigheads and grubs did the trick today

10/5/09 Shads are everywhere in the river. The river water is still 68 degrees so it has to cool off for the eyes to move in numbers. Jigged a few spots down town and action was slow.

3/8/09 Well the fat lady has sang today. I'm done on the bay there is some ice out there but it is getting soft and the shore ice is shot. I hope to have a little sea nymph up and running for the river opener! This season was pretty good! Vets boat launch is open! Here is a pic from last week. (pork rind)


5/14/14 It was a great ice season, a outstanding sucker run, sweet spring walleye action and now the bass are on fire. Big shout out to Blood Run Tackle

1/19/14 the ice season has been great, started early and will probably last well into March. The Saginaw River has about a foot of ice everywhere with another cold spell on the way. The Bay has been on fire but travel has sucked with snow storms, high winds, rain, and just plain cold temps. 1000s of shantys have lined the river since xmas. The old stand-bys jiggin raps and jigheads.

6/28/13 caught eyes, smallies, rockies, and a sheep all from shore today. The current is way up from all the rain with more on the way. Grubs, Fin-S, gulp and sexy shad crank today did work.

6/18/13 alittle clean up for the tall ships downtown, should make for some nice honey holes in the fall/spring.

6/10/13 Tough bass bite early in the morning then the wind kicked up. Land a few bass,sheeps and a ton of rock bass. Ols school Blue gill storm wild eye swim baits caught most fish today.

6/5/13 The river flow has settled down but the wind has picked up. The water is pretty stained but they're are still eyes to be had. #Fin-s

5/31/13 River really turned on just before the rains set in. Plain old grubs in bright colors

5/3013 Master angler sheep, berkley gulp jiggin the river.

5/26/13 got into some monster smallies and snagged a few eyes. 4" grubs did most of the damage, bento bait......

J Deez Blades official Blades of the FaiL BoAT.

4/30/13 hit the saginaw river from shore and bagged a few. The river is starting to get back in shape. Still a strong current. You can check the flow rate HERE.

2/13/13 Does not look good. Open water, more rain, wind, warmer temps, more rescues, could be the end. Sit tight. The Fowler center $7000 pike toury is still on as of 2/11. Sat the 16th tons of prizes. Also good job to the Coast Guardwith all the rescues. Here is a link to the article. VIDEO/RESCUE .

1/28 pretty good weekend on the river 5" of ice pretty much everywhere tons of 14"ers. Jiggin raps took most of the fish. Good luck to those who entered the shiver on the river. Hope the rain doesn't do to much damage mon-wed. The bay should hold up.

10/28 Got a few before the storm.


10/19 - the wind is killing me! The water levels are super low can't even get the boat out. Hope the rain helps some.

8/22/12 The water has cooled down to 72-ish. Still muddy from all the rain but the bigger fish are moving back in. Did snag a walleye and picked up a pike also in the evening. Tons of bait fish everywhere. Green grub and gulp.

5/19/12 pulled a few eyes down by the boys club in bay city, a few few from liberty bridge.

5/14/12 The eyes are still in the river, seen a few guys pull em from under the bridges after dark jigheads and grubs (pink purple)- write it down

4/5/12 Internet pro-staff shirts now online - catch fish while the weather is bad. EASY LIMITS


2/21/11 the hot bait is still the Fin-s Blue Ice minnow on a jig head - call Lunkercity to get yours.

2/4/11 boats are in the water, the bite is on

1/16/12 Short update Video below - the river has started to freeze up the 4 FOW out of State Park is also most ready.

1/6/12 The shallows are on fire! The shore line has a few inches just wear your wadders. Soups recon pic and rays take from thurs.

12/27/11Perch and eye fishing on the river has been pretty good- Jiggin minnows. New Design for 2012 - Occupy Saginaw Bay

9/23/11 Ran into this guy at Bass Pro. Just KVD picking up some hunting supplies.

7/4/11 The Bay is super hot again, I hope it last till ice season. The river has pretty good smallie action also.

0/19/10 not alot of walleye activity yet but plently smallies

7/29/10 Ice is right around the corner- new design ICE PIRATE WATCH!

2/19/10 hit the ice with the crew out of LBM hit a few spots not to far out and brought home some nice fish. A few limits were had.


2/06/09. Well we were out there for ICEQUAKE 09' My shanty moved well over a foot.

got ice shirt


Skunk Video Posted! 3/5/08 - 2 hours of watching fish not bite just our luck...